Today, a man dies alone.
Tonight, another becomes a legend.
After the mysterious death of his father, Rowan Holde takes the reins as Chairman of the Midnight Cross, the city’s most powerful racing crew. In his father’s honor, Rowan hosts AFTERMARKET, an invite-only street racing festival to crown the best driver in AM City.
Among your opponents are criminals, adrenaline junkies, and degenerates who seek their own brand of glory.
And at the center of it all: you.
Rival street racers Holde and Kaneshiro settle their differences in a winner-takes-all race through AM City, with Holde claiming victory.
Midnight Cross is formed, with Holde as Chairman and Kaneshiro as Lieutenant.
Midnight Cross battles and takes over rival crews, uniting AM City’s racing scene.
Midnight Cross announces AFTERMARKET, a street festival commemorating the race between Holde and Kaneshiro.
Rowan Holde is born.
Chairman Holde announces his plans to pass his title to Lieutenant Kaneshiro. On the night of the commencement, both Chairman Holde and Lieutenant Kaneshiro are found dead.
Rowan Holde takes over Midnight Cross, causing an uproar in the racing scene. Seeing their chance for glory, defecting crews set to win AFTERMARKET and claim AM City.